Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  I decided to make this week's edition a themed one -- gifts!  But, if you are Katie's Daddy ( he really reads this blog!!) or her teacher, stop now! :)  These are all Pinterest-inspired...if you want to find tutorials/links, follow me {here} on Pinterest!
I'm LOVING this idea for Father's Day.  Over the last couple of years, Katie has given Brad a frame with a picture of them in it (oddly enough, they have all been pictures from the beach).  I thought we could make a frame and put this quote on it.  Or do something with the handprint.  Or make a card.  I just think it is so sweet!
I'm LOVING this "man's bouquet!"  I think I might have to do something like this for Brad for our anniversary.  Either that or do something like this for Father's Day with little bottles of Jack Daniels (his drink of choice) since that will be just two days after our Baby Jack is born.
I'm LOVING this idea as well...a Daddy questionnaire!  Another idea is to combine this with the quote shown earlier...hmmm...we shall see!
I'm LOVING this idea for Brad too!  Oh, the possibilities!  I am trying to get a headstart since I will actually be in the hospital on Father's Day!  HERE are some free graphics to do this, as well as a tutorial!
I'm LOVING this idea for Katie's teachers!  In the original post it came from, they call it "Summer In A Basket" - I love that!  All it takes is a basket, a favorite beverage, summery nail polish, a snack, and a Barnes & Noble giftcard.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!
I'm LOVING this idea too!  The perfect summer bundle...a beach towel, snack, favorite magazine, sunscreen, and magazine for when they are lounging.  I think maybe combining these two ideas sounds cute...not sure!  I do know I will be heading to Target today to get the things I need for Katie's teachers since tomorrow is her last day of mother's day out for the year!
I'm LOVING this printable - would also be cute to print this and frame it!
I'm LOVING this printable - would be cute as a gift tag!
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  1. Loving the summer bundle!! That is such a great idea!

  2. Thanks for the father's day handprint art - I am going to have to use that!