Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrating Baby Jack

First of all, let me say this...I have the best friends ever!  On Friday, I met a friend for lunch and she met me halfway on my walk to the restaurant to make sure I made it safely :)  And she made me walk on the inside so I wouldn't be close to the traffic.  And then some of my friends from different stages of life threw me the perfect baby shower on Saturday!  It was simply perfect - a smaller, intimate group of folks just visiting, playing a few games, eating, and of course gifts!  It was really relaxed and perfect - I have all the basics of baby stuff, so this was more of the fun stuff!  Blankets and cute little outfits and toys and books - so great!

Here was the decor - the gift area, the food table, drink area, and of course dessert!
 And some shots with friends - Kara and I have been friends since first grade and we are due a week apart.  Had to get one more belly shot together!  And then the top right is me and Cat - we met at Auburn and have been great friends ever since!  Bottom left is me with Sina - I've known her since she was three!  And bottom right is my with Tanja - we have been friends since kindergarten (Sina is her sister)!
 And here are some more shots of folks!  Top left is Tanja and Kara, top right is Ashley and Katherine - both Auburn friends...and we all live in the same neighborhood now too!  Bottom left is my neighbor Jill - she's the sister I never had!  And bottom right is my aunt with my mom!
After some time to mingle and eat, we played some games.  The first one was four different diapers with a candy bar smooshed and melted inside - and you had to guess which kind it was by smelling/touching/tasting.  In the second game, there were shot glasses with three different kinds of baby foods in them and you had to guess which kind.  Definitely entertaining!
And then it was time for presents!  Everybody was so generous - Baby Jack got some adorable things - he is definitely very loved!
And here are some more pictures that I thought deserved to be posted by themselves - no collage! :)  This is Tanja and Sina and their mom...they were like my second family growing up!  I'm so lucky to have them in my life!
 Me with Tanja and Sina!
 Me with my momma - she kept blinking in pictures, so this was the best we could do - not too bad!
 Me with the hostesses!!  I met Cat at Auburn (even though we are both from the same areas), I've known Tanja since kindergarten, and Jill is my neighbor - I think it is so neat to have friends from different seasons of life come together and put this together.  I am so blessed.
 The "young girls" of the shower!
 The crew (minus Tanja's momma...she took the picture!)
 Me with my Meme and mom!
 Me with Brad's mom and my mom!
 33 weeks pregnant...sheesh!  I felt rather large...can I blame it on the dress?? :)
 We've all been friends for years and do Kara and I have humongous bellies!
What a fun gathering of some great people.  We are even more prepared for Jack's arrival thanks to the generous gifts - now, let the nesting begin!!



  1. HOW FUN!!! I can't believe you're 33 weeks already. DANG... Little Boy will be here before ya know it!

  2. Thanks for stopping by from Kelly's Korner! This has been such a fun link up. We live downtown in East Nashville. Your belly is SO cute!! Congrats on your little boy on the way.