Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Big Three Year Old

This past Monday we took Katie to her 3 year appointment (I think this  may be the final installment of the three year old series).  I still can't believe I have a three year old - okay, okay...enough of that :) Anyway, she was kind of excited to go to the doctor and see Dr. H use the same tools that she uses in her vet kit!  And she remembers getting stickers about 3 weeks ago when she was sick, so she was a-okay with heading there again.  Aside from the 3 weeks ago visit (where nothing was wrong...she just had a virus), we hadn't been since her 2 year appointment.  We are so lucky to have a healthy, happy Katie.

Here she is before jumping in the car to head to the doctor.  It was a little bright outside! :)
 Yes, she washed her hands after playing with the toys in the waiting room.  They also have a huge a fish tank and she loves counting the fish and watching them swim.
 Once we got called back, they checked to see what her weight is.  She weighs 37 pounds - 95th percentile!
 And then they checked her height.  She is 3'3" - 90th percentile!
 ...and then checked her blood pressure!  I forgot to ask what that ended up being.
 And this was the first time they gave her a little kid gown to change into - SO cute!  She was pretty proud of the gown.
 She had a great appointment.  And no shots - I always like appointments like that!  At first, her doctor seemed slightly concerned about the clarity of her speech, but after being in the room, she seemed fine with the amount she was understanding.  Of course that worried this Mama Bear, but after talking with her teacher and my mom telling me some stats she read, I think she is just fine.  Katie's vocabulary continues to grow leaps and bounds.  In fact, her teacher said she considers Katie and another little girl the top 2 talkers in the class!  My mom said she read in a developmental book that at age 3, 80% of what a child says should be understood by someone that isn't around them all the time.  They should also eat 1300 calories a day according to that same book.  Anyway, of course it is in the back of my mind, but I think Katie is just fine in the speech department.  We will just continue to model appropriate speech and read books to expose her to  everything.

Because she was so good, I let Katie pick out her own fingernail polish at Target that afternoon - to say she was excited about it is an understatement!  Here she is holding the bottle ready to have her toenails painted.
 Look at that pose as she waits for her toes to dry!
 She is still loving having pink toenails.  She has shown anybody and everybody that would look at them - so girly!  And she really likes that we both have pink toenails...she will randomly come up to me and put her foot next to mine and say, "THEY MATCH!!!"  
At 3 years, Katie:
-loves the majority of fruits
-is not a big fan of veggies
-loves to color and read books
-loves to do stickers
-is in the thick of pretend play
-loves to play outside...blowing bubbles, kicking the soccer ball, and playing with Sadie top the list
-likes to help me water the plants
-has a vocabulary that expands daily
-knows and recognizes her ABCs (and even knows what letter some words start with)
-can count to 17 pretty easily (and understands counting/quantities)
-is very much a creature of habit
-loves Daddy Dates to Chuys
-loves Mommy Dates to the donut store
-is becoming such a good helper (that will come in handy when Jack is born)
-is definitely entering the stage of saying hilarious things and not realizing it
-can be so sweet and loving one minute and flip a switch and act her age the next minute
-loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tangled, and Finding Nemo
-likes watching sports with Daddy (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey)
-has friends that she loves to play with (Stella, Hannah Jo, name a few)
-washes her own face in the tub, gets her toothbrush ready to use, and is starting to want to pick out her own outfits (she is most concerned about the shoes these days)
-asks for a bow when her hair is fixed
-blames it on a skunk when she toots



  1. Hey there, I'm stopping by from kellys korner. I have an almost 3 yr old girl and she weighs 37 lbs also! I just had our new baby boy 2 weeks ago, and I live in the Nashville area. AND my name is Katie! :) Looks like we have a lot in common.

  2. Stopping in from Kelly's Korner also...I think we have the same doctor! Dr. H at PAF? The waiting room looks the same and so does the exam room. We love Dr. H! We live in the Franklin area.