Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Boy's Name: The Details

I thought it might be good to say why we picked the name we did.  Are they family names? Do we just like them?  Is it our best friend's name? Is it our long lost cousin's name?  Is it the cashier at our grocery store's name? (OK, I'll stop with that - you get the point)

Let's start with the first name: Jack.  No we will not name him Jackson.  Or anything else.  We both just really like Jack.  And that is the main reason.  It also happens to sort of be a family name on my side.  My grandmother on my mom's side had a brother (that she was really close to) named Jack.  And my grandmother on my dad's side - her maiden name was Jackson.  So there ya have it.  It is kind of a combo of reasons (though we initially picked it just because we really like it).  Plus, how cute does it sound to say our kids' names are Katie and Jack??! 

As for the middle name, that was the point of contention.  Well, maybe contention isn't the right word, but that is definitely where it took us a while to agree.  Brad liked Owen - while I do like that (in fact, that is what my grandfather on my dad's side goes by!), I could not handle having his initials be JOC and people calling him "joc" (jock).  I just don't like that.  William is a family name on both sides - it was Brad's dad's name, and it is my grandfather, dad, and brother's first name (though they all go by different names).  And I think it just sounds so great together.  Jack William.  Love it!  And clearly I convinced Brad. 

And I found this idea on Pinterest - isn't that adorable?! I must do this.  Maybe more than once.


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