Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Whew - at times it feels like this week is crawling, and then at other times it feels like it is flying by!  Here's what I'm loving today...

I'm LOVING having fresh flowers on the kitchen island.  I treated myself and found these beauties at Whole Foods.  They still look just as good as when I bought them! 
 I'm LOVING that I finally got myself a pair of Toms.  And I LOVE the color I found them in - doesn't it just scream spring/summer!?  I have to admit I haven't worn them yet - I need to put them actually in the closet (as opposed to the kitchen) for when I'm getting ready!
 I'm LOVING that Katie talks about Baby Jack more and more...and she loves to feel and see if he is moving!  I know this is blurry, but I love it :)
I'm LOVING planning Miss Priss's 3rd birthday party.  Hm - how can it already be time for her to have a birthday...and to be turning THREE!!? Wow.  We finally decided on this guy for the theme.  And I am in full party-planning mode, though I'm trying not to go nuts since I will be large pregnant at that time.
I'm LOVING this quote I found on Pinterest.  I'm not this bad, but Brad would say I'm getting close...ha!  I never realized how much I like personalized goodies until I had Katie (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)!
 I'm LOVING this subway art I found on Pinterest as well.  Isn't that great?! I think I am going to get it printed and hang it in the kids' bathroom.
I'm LOVING this sweet girl, of course.  And my oh my it seems like she grows and changes everyday.  I've heard quotes and things about having children means having your heart walk around outside your body.  I can totally understand why people say that. 
What are you loving today? Or this week? Let me know! Or better yet, link up {here}!



  1. Love those toms...I really want a pair of the crochet ones

  2. I think those are the cutest Tom's that I have ever seen!