Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just A Little Catch Up

I had so many pictures on my phone from the last few days that I thought it was best to just do a big post and have a bunch of random stuff on here!

Thursday, after I picked Katie up at mother's day out, we came home and played outside a lot!  The weather was gorgeous (the calm before the storm, I guess, since Friday's weather was quite scary for many people).  So we went outside and blew bubbles and ran around the back yard and did sidewalk chalk out front and went on a walk with Sadie!  It was so great to get fresh air!

Here is Katie posing - that never happens! 
 And here she is loving on Sadie - such a sweet picture!
 And Katie is focusing really hard on the lines she is drawing with the chalk!
 When Brad got home, we went back outside for more!  And Katie started picking flowers for us - here is my first bouquet of Katie flowers.  So sweet!
 Over the weekend, we did not do a whole lot, which is a-okay with me!  Brad had his monthly poker game, we ran errands, ate dinner with friends at Katie's favorite - Chuy's - and saw some family!  Yesterday we stayed home all day in our jammies - so nice!  I did go to prenatal yoga, which was great!  I'll definitely be going back.  Especially since I bought a 4 class pass. :)

I've also figured out a way to make Katie still during quiet time.  She is usually up roaming or playing while watching a movie and I want her to really be still.  So I layed this blanket down and put Sparky down (her pillow pet) for her to lay on.  And it worked!  I will report back whether it continues to work or not.  I told her that if she got off her mat, she'd have to go get in bed.
 And here is my very serious girl on the way to mother's day out this morning.  So funny.  I love the serious expression WITH the sunglasses!
Hope you are having a good week! I think I am going to take a little nap before going to a meeting for work!


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