Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Girls' Trip

Last week I tagged along with a friend and her coworker to Atlanta just for a night.  It was great to just get away and have girl time and relax and shop and read...you get the point.  Brad had taken off work Thursday and Friday anyway, so it worked out just lovely.  We got our nails done, we went shopping, ate a late delicious dinner, slept in a little bit...so nice.  When we arrived, we headed straight to Ikea.  Let's just say they were glad that I came shopping that day!  Then we quickly went to the hotel and checked in and changed clothes so we could head to dinner.

The steakhouse where we ate dinner, STK, was so neat!  This was the wall above our table.
And a picture of us girls after we ate.  I felt quite frumpy next to both of these pretty girls!
 Tanja made fun of me - I require a LOT of pillows to get comfortable.  I had to get 4 more from the front desk! She used 2 of these and I had the rest :)
 The next day we got up and ate brunch and they headed on their way for a presentation.  I was able to do some shopping at H&M and get a few things from Bath & Body Works that I needed.  And then I sat on a park bench and people watched and listened to some music and read my book.  Perfection!  And aren't these flowers beautiful?!  They were next to where I was sitting.
Tanja picked me up and we headed home - it was just so great to get away and chat...and be able to go to the bathroom by myself! HA!  I'm so glad she thought to ask me if I wanted to go...I felt refreshed and rejuvenated when I got home - and boy, did I miss my sweet girl...and Brad too! :)


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