Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy, happy Wednesday, folks!  It is the middle of the week, so it is time for a little What I'm Loving Wednesday!  
I'm LOVING the sunshine and warm temps!  Come on spring - hope you're here to stay!!  I also am enjoying the time change - as long as we don't have to be anywhere.  I had to go wake Katie up this morning at 8:15! And it also means it is still daylight longer into the evening - more time to play outside!!
I'm LOVING that I am finally getting into The Hunger Games.  I typically don't get into "trendy reads" but thought I'd give this a try.  Plus a friend let me borrow the whole series.  I actually finished the book last night and can't wait to start the second one!  In the meantime, I did start Jane Green's new book - it was released yesterday, so that was perfect timing!
I'm LOVING this quote!  And it is oh so true.
I'm LOVING these cute polka dot cup Easter baskets!  I think Katie and I may have to make these sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Want to see the tutorial?  Go {here}! - It's also one of my fave places to get party supplies.  Why you ask?  Because everything has dots, of course!!
I'm LOVING this list of songs!  I have no idea who TFM & Frat Music is, but I saw it posted on Facebook and just love it...go ahead, click on it.  What is your favorite??? Me? I don't know - I love a bunch of them!  Of course, Sweet Home Alabama holds a special place in my heart having gone to Auburn and everything :)  But really, it is way hard to decide!
And of COURSE, I'm LOVING my sweet girl! She is just growing up way too fast - is it possible that she will be 3 in just over a month?!
What are YOU loving today? Feel free to link up {here}!



  1. I love the time change too! I wasn't too excited about losing an hour of sleep but the extra daylight is great!

  2. I REALLY do not like Oprah, but I do quite like that quote! :)

    Dropping by from WILW.