Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bump Watch: 24 Weeks

How far along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: An ear of corn (in length) - so, about a foot long! Wow!
Total weight gained: I think I am about even at this point.  I haven't weighed in a while (since my last appointment) - I go this week, so I will be able to see then.  I may get on the scales prior to the appointment just so I can be prepared :)
Maternity clothes: Um, most definitely.
Gender: Boy!!  A name reveal is coming soon...
Movement: Lots and lots!  And he is getting bigger and stronger by the day for sure.  It seems like around 10 PM, he gets funny that it is the same time of day!
What I Miss: Being able to sleep the whole night without peeing, a glass of wine (or two), being able to stay up late, being able to sleep however I want to (not just on my sides)...
Cravings: Nothing major as of lately!  A couple weeks ago, it was a side salad with a baked potato - weird, huh! I'll take it...especially since it is healthier!
Aversions: Nothing really.  
Symptoms: My back hurts  Yuck.  And I can tell heartburn is beginning to creep back into the picture.  And I get more winded going up stairs too fast (should be interesting towards the end of the pregnancy).  Leaning over is getting more difficult.
Best moment of the week: The other night, Brad was feeling him kick around and all of a sudden, it was as if he kicked or elbowed as hard as he could.!  And he wouldn't stop!  Not sure if it was Brad touching my belly or he just felt like being a gymnast then, he was WILD!  ..... Another is the other day I was sitting on the couch and he was moving a lot, so I asked Katie if he wanted to feel him move around in there.  It is hard to tell whether she understood what was happening - but she said she felt him kick her hand.  I like that she will come up and pat my belly, give it kisses (occasionally), etc.  She also knows that he likes to sleep and is in my belly!

I also was curious as to how much the belly had grown since the last picture.  Every morning I get out of bed and feel like he has grown overnight.  But when I compare these pics, it looks almost...smaller!  I know my uterus is higher up in my abdomen (judging by where I feel the kicks) - so maybe my belly is just kinda stretching out?? So strange.  What do you think?  I am 20 weeks in the left picture, and then 24 weeks in the right picture.  It almost looks like my abdomen is stretched out more or something!! 
 And of course I wanted to compare my belly this time around with the picture of me pregnant with Katie.  In the picture on the left, I am 24w3d pregnant with Katie, and then the picture on the right, I am exactly 24w with baby boy.  I know it is sort of hard to tell because the pictures are cropped differently, but I think it is about the same - I thought I seemed to be carrying more out front this time around, but maybe not...?  Hard to tell!
We are so excited to get the nursery ready and all of the other fun things that come along with another baby. And we continue to read big sister books with Katie to help prepare - no doubt it will be an adventure!!


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