Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday Recap

I know you probably get a bit tired of just reading my ramblings of what we are up to, but I love recapping - and with pictures!  I promise I will do some other kind of posts - including, hopefully, some crafty or before and after pics in our house!  For now, this will have to do.

Yesterday, we started off by Katie having music class!  Near the end of class, everybody plays with the parachute - she loves it!
 As I mentioned previously, she loves pockets!  She was trying to find a book that fit in her pockets actually...
 Our girls!  So cute and sweet :) ... most of the time...
 See? She loves her pockets!  She wouldn't look at me, but I think this is kinda cute!
 She wanted a snack, so she had a few marshmallows and goldfish - she found it necessary to use a toy knife to cut her marshmallow...what a goofball!
 And finally...I shopped early at a consignment sale since I consigned a few things...and this was my main goal.  I wanted a double jog stroller.  And I found one.  For $50.  Whoa!  When I got my single jogger on Craigslist, it cost $65 I think...I am super excited.  And hopefully I will get good use out of it - as long as Katie will sit her rump in it and stay put for some walks/jogs!
Hope you had a great day yesterday! I am heading to the doctor today - and I have to do that gestational diabetes test.  Ew.  Wish my luck!


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