Monday, March 5, 2012

First Blogger Award!

Guess what!  I got my first blogger award (or trophy, or recognition...whatever you wanna call it)!  My gal pal Melinda nominated me!  Isn't that just so sweet of her??  

I always wondered how one goes about getting these awards.  What does it take to be recognized??? Well, in this case, the Liebster Blog Award takes having less than 200 followers (yep, that's most definitely me).

And according to Melinda, the word liebster is a German word meaning "beloved" or "darling".  Me and my ramblings? Darling?  Why, bless your heart!!
Here is how to play!

First, acknowledge the dear friend that gave you the award!!

Melinda at First Comes Love

Melinda writes about real life - ya know, mommyhood, decorating her house, style, traveling (or dreams of traveling, etc) ... and she doesn't sugar coat things.  She is real.  And I love that!  Maybe it is that journalist in her...She has the sweetest family (that I most definitely know in REAL LIFE!) - and I miss them tons!  You see, we used to live in the same area, but then they up and moved just minutes before their sweet Elena was born.  I totally understand why, but I still miss them!   
Melinda with her awesome hubster and sweet baby girl
One more pic of Melinda with her sweet girl

Second, give the award to 5 other bloggers who have  less than 200 followers!

Evan and her cutie pie family!
Had to include this too - haven't you seen this idea of announcing a pregnancy on Pinterest?? Well, Evan did it!  And it is ADORABLE!! That's right - she's pregnant with her THIRD baby BOY!

Evan and I know each other in real life too (in fact, we were in the same major at Auburn)!  So that is one reason I love her - another War Eagle momma!  While she is super busy with her two sweet boys, she does manage to blog about mommyhood and travel and style!  My favorite posts are probably the ones she does documenting the crazy things that come out of her 3 year old's mouth.  Hilarious!!

Lisa and her sweet family!

Lisa and I have followed each other's blog for at least three years - we both were on an infertility message board for infertility.  And we both got pregnant around the same time!  She has a little girl, Chloe Jo, that is just about a month or so older than Katie!  I love seeing what they are up to - she gives me ideas of things to do with Katie!  And she actually made some outfits for Katie and sent them to sweet!  Lisa's blog is amazing...she does posts about sewing, cooking, day-to-day life, lots of tutorials, and just life.  In fact, she just did a tutorial on how to make hair bows for these sweet girls - looks pretty manageable to me!

This is Chelle with her sweet family - she just had a baby boy!

First, I have to mention that Lisa and Chelle are sisters!  I haven't followed Chelle's blog for as long, but it is so entertaining!  I love her honesty about any topic that comes up.  And her posts about life as a momma (do you see a trend for me here?).  I started following just before she got pregnant with her baby boy.  She documented her fertility treatments and then her entire pregnancy - pretty awesome!

Doesn't Jessica's family just look like you could be best friends with them??

Jessica just recently started blogging - but it is so entertaining!  She talks about life at her house with her boys (and sweet dogs), and she is learning to use her fancy schmancy camera!  She takes some awesome pictures, I think.  So I love seeing the pictures that are included with her posts!  And I know her in real life too - she was actually in the same major as me too - so another War Eagle momma!  In fact, I think they have moved back to that fun town...and I am slightly jealous!
One more picture of Jessica with her handsome boy - she took this picture using her tripod one morning - simply amazing!

Brooke at Heart & Seoul
Brooke with her hubby and cutie pie boy

I just recently started following her blog and it is so entertaining, but in a different way.  Brooke and her family are on the road to adoption and she does posts about the progress they make, her faith, that cute son of hers, and sewing/crafty things she does!  I also have to mention her adoption auction blog and the t-shirts they are selling!  The adoption auction blog is From Rags To Ruby - I actually won an auction item - a new camera strap for my fancy camera!  Brooke is such a sweet person - just in our email correspondence, I felt like we had known each other for years!  I also bought a t-shirt that they are selling to raise money for their adoption - I absolutely LOVE it!  It is a light/baby blue and long sleeved and has this on the back of it (there is also a small design on the front left where a pocket would be): 

Congrats, ladies!  You're all liebster ladies (ya know...darling ladies) to me!  Please go check these blogs out and feel free to follow them - I don't think you'll be disappointed!  There are a lot of other folks I could have included - but this is it for now!  And if you want me to check your blog out, please leave a comment and I'd love to read along!

Hope you had a great weekend....and Happy Monday!


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