Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Katie-isms

  • Katie was putting lotion on my belly and she hits me right at belly button level.  She got closer, put an eye up to my belly button, and she said, "I see you in there!"
  • Whenever I get ready, she always says, "Mommy, you look pretty!" or "Mommy, you look cute!"
  • Katie has officially figured out how to put Sadie's leash on her.  The other day, she did just that and walked her around the house.  Sadie looked very pleased!
  • Brad was reading a book to Katie and was reading really fast.  Katie made him stop and said, "Daddy, read that book nicely!"
  • Brad was using the dustbuster in my car to clean it out and Katie was trying to climb into the driver's seat (likely to honk the horn) and he asked her to go back in the house.  She came inside and told me that Daddy was being ugly.  
  • The other morning I was getting Katie's breakfast ready and one of her favorite books (at least as of this week) was on the table.  To my surprise, she opened it up and started reading it.  Like word for word!  I am sure she has it memorized and recognizes the pictures, but STILL!  I was majorly impressed!
  • When asking "why" (which she does with a lot of frequency these days), it sounds like more of a "why-er" - Brad was trying to explain to her that it is like the letter "y" and then we figured out why Katie says it this way...when saying the alphabet, it is "y and z" when Katie says "why", it really sounds more like "wire!"
  • Katie had a blister on her foot from playing outside and not wearing socks with her shoes.  I pointed to it and told her she had a blister and she repeated back that she had a "bitcher" - I guess that is appropriate... :)


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