Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend!  And super productive (not me - others people...but at my house!)  Saturday, we made sure to wear our green!  Brad worked hard in Jack's nursery with the help of Cat and Tyler - maybe it was more Cat and Tyler worked hard with the help of Brad.  Anyways, that will be a whole different post.

My job was keeping Katie out of the way.  We went to meet my mom for lunch and had a great time!  I ordered our food and saw these cookies and knew we had to have them.
 Katie was definitely glad I ordered some - they were so yummy!
After lunch, it started raining, so we just went to Cee Cee's house and played.  My mom would hide plastic eggs and let Katie practice doing Easter egg hunts!  We had to wait in my mom's room while she hid - Katie loved it!
 She found some! I love this picture.
 And here we are waiting for another round of the hunt!
 I need to dig out our Easter stuff - I am fairly certain Katie would hunt eggs all day she loved it so much!
 One of the eggs had a sticker inside from last year - I love that I caught this expression! Look at that excitement!
 Yesterday Brad finished up some of the project in Jack's room, so Katie and I did some playing outside.  She loves sidewalk chalk, so we drew a road on the sidewalk for her to let her car drive on - she loved it!
 And then we played with the rice bin and poured it on our hands and hid her car in the fun!  Isn't this picture just priceless?!  I just love this girl so much!
And last night, Katie was awake for a while and I went back to tuck her in again.  I said, "Mommy loves you so much!  You make mommy so happy."  And then Katie said, "I love you so much.  You're the best Mommy ever!"  I definitely teared up.  Great way to end the weekend!  Happy Monday!


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