Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Bunnies and Trains

This past week we ventured to a locally-owned toy store that always has bunnies at Easter time!  Of course the bunnies are in a little fenced in area and you can't hold them - if you can reach in and pet them, that is fine, but there is no holding.  I hadn't taken Katie before, but I thought she might really like it this year.  

Here she is before we headed out!  I love her Easter outfit :)
And after going, I am sad to report that she liked the train better than the bunnies!  I think the bunnies were too tame for her and the trains were going around on their tracks - she couldn't get enough of it!  I love her expression in the top left picture!
Of course we had to see the bunnies - here are a couple of them!  There had to be like 15-20 total!
And she did like them for about .23 seconds - then she wanted to run around and go back to the train area! Obviously my mom (Cee Cee) went with us too!  She loves toy stores about as much as Katie does!
And Katie found some other fun things to play with.  She found a neat baby stroller and kept pushing babies around in it and loading other things off random shelves into the stroller.  Then she found a just-her-size grocery cart that she transitioned too. 
Clearly she had a blast - she was OUT on the way home!
I love that the toy store has fun things like that for the kiddos - so neat!  Maybe next year she will be more impressed with the bunnies...and maybe she'll be tall enough to reach in and pet one :)


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  1. Her Easter outfit is cute! From looking at that last pic it appears she had a great time. Glad you all enjoyed :)