Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mommy Date

Thursday, Katie woke up and was bound and determined that we were going to Target that day.  And of course I wasn't complaining!  What is the draw to Target for her you ask? Why, smelling candles, of course!  She has loved that ever since she could sit in the cart.  Too funny.  I did have some things I needed to pick up, so I had no problem with the request...and of course we did some candle smelling too!
 Yesterday, before gymnastics class, we headed on a Mommy Date!  That ritual consists of breakfast at Krispy Kreme - YUM!  Katie loves it and I love the special time together - and donuts of course!
 And KK had some beautiful flowers outside that Katie wanted her picture with.  You know I wasn't complaining about a picture request!
I love my special time with my sweet girl!


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