Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Katie's Got A Brand New Ride

Well, maybe not a new ride altogether, but she's got a new seat!  And she LOVED it!  She was so proud because she gets to actually use the big girl seat belt.  

These step 4 carseats (I think that's right) are for 30-100 lbs and 3-10 years.  Katie is almost 3 and most definitely fits the 30+ lbs category, so we felt this was a safe move.  Plus it is less bulky (but still safe) and easier for her to get in and out of!  She especially loves her hidden cup holders :)  We thought in her old car seat that she just looked to big for it - and it didn't look like her neck/head were being supported enough since she is a tall lady.

Here she is on the maiden voyage...

 We headed to the mall for Brad to get some more dress pants, etc, and Katie LOVED hiding in the pants!
 She also thought that the little seat for trying on shoes was a slide.  Oh me.


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