Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toddler Tumbling

Since Katie is a bundle of energy, we decided to find another class to do (other than our Wednesday Mommy & Me music class)!  In fact, Brad said, "If it will wear her out, let's do it!" HA!  

We went to an open house to learn about the different classes, and of course Katie was obsessed with soccer.  The kiddos have to be 3 to participate in that, so we will wait until the fall session - I can't wait for that though since I played soccer for 10+ years!!

The class is actually called Rhythm & Spirit Tumbling - and it is for 2-3 year olds.  And our first class was yesterday - Katie loved it!  I think it will definitely be a learning curve for her - and it will really show how coordinated and athletic she is (and build on those skills for sure)!

We got there and they had a parachute out for the kids to sit on for stretching.
 And then there were several stations in a circle around the parachute - and we went around the stations 3 times.  Let me say that this is also a Mommy & Me type class - but they made it sound like I wouldn't have to do much.  Well, ..... WRONG!  I was a sweaty mess when we left!  Too much involvement for this 24 week pregnant momma! :)

This station of kicking the balls into the goal was one of Katie's two favorite stations!
 They also had a couple stations with letters and numbers and colors to work on a little bit of learning too!
 This station was the other of Katie's 2 favorites...swinging on the bar and kicking down the block tower!  She loved it!!
 One of the big skills she worked on today was rolling - or somersaults!  Thank goodness the leader was there to help Katie with this - not sure I could've done that! As she did it a few times, she got better and better!
 At the end of class, each child "froggy jumped" down the mat to work on getting down to roll - and then they had a turn to roll with the help of the teacher - Katie did great by the end of the class!
Katie already said she can't wait to go back - a sure sign of a good class if you ask me!  They also had stations of learning to do cartwheels - it wasn't pretty.  I wonder if she will learn to do that at this young age?? I guess time will tell - can't wait for next week's class!


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