Monday, March 12, 2012

Friday Family Funday

This past Friday, Brad took the day off work - Katie and I were super excited!!  We started off the day with breakfast at IHOP - my favorite.  And can I just mention that there will be a IHOP opening just minutes from my house?? That could definitely be dangerous.  And now Brad won't be able to use the excuse that it is too far from home :)
Brad and Katie coloring while we waited on our food

Afterwards, we headed straight to Katie's little gymnastics class.  I think she was really excited that her Daddy was able to see it!  And I certainly welcomed an extra set of hands to help!
Ready to kick the ball in the net!
Daddy helping her do a roll 
Daddy helping Katie learn to cartwheel
Katie's favorite - swinging on the bar and knocking the blocks over
And of course some ABCs
I think this picture is so sweet - holding Daddy's hand on the balance beam
She just about has the roll perfected!  The instructor was helping - and Katie's form had improved a ton!
Daddy helping do another roll - I didn't get it on film, but Brad did a roll on the mat too - quite entertaining!
Katie was teaching Daddy to count
Doing her froggy jumps down the  mat - she loves it!
Taking her turn to do a somersault in front of her class
She was the only one that wouldn't sit down - I think she was super excited about her next turn!
Preparing to do a back bend
She actually did it!  She usually doesn't because she doesn't feel like she's in control (sounds awfully familiar to me...ha), but I think it helped that it was her teacher doing the spotting and not me!
After class, she got a stamp on her hand!  She LOVED it!

And then there are a few minutes before the next class - so the kids always run around!  Brad was chasing Katie around and I just happened to snap this picture.  Clearly she loved it!

Hope you had a super weekend!  I had to work and we saw some family and I saw a movie with a friend (we saw The Vow).  Not too shabby! And I'm LOVING that the sun is still out after 6 PM!


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